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A Coffee Shop Website

Cafe Eden continues its legacy of extraordinary coffee and tea-based beverages, fruit smoothies, morning pastries and garden fresh soups, salads, and lunch specials.

The heart of our café is the food. However, the soul of the café is the coffee. We offer sensational blends using some of the world's finest beans and some locally grown but premium coffee.

Visit our coffee bar and taste test a daily variety of aromatic and delicately nuanced flavors—not too strong and not too light—perfectly roasted and brewed coffees from around the world. We serve espresso, gourmet teas, whole leaf organic teas, gourmet syrups, chocolates and caramel as well as fair-trade and organic coffees from the best small-batch roasters in Australia and the U.S.

We also offer an array of our own original fruit smoothies—each made with real juice, real fruit, and frozen yogurt—no powders or fillers.

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